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100 mile

Kevin, who hails from Brisbane, completed his first ultra in 2011 and has since completed 76 ultras. He mixes his races up with road, track and trail, but is more comfortable doing the longer ultras where he has more success. After winning the inaugural Nerang 100 miler in October last year (25:42:42), he went on to win Coast to Kosciusko 240 km in December 2016, Canberra 24 hour track race in March 2017, the Down Under 135 mile trail in April and the Bunbury 24 track race in August. He is returning to Nerang this year hoping to finish in less than 24 hours in what he describes as a most challenging course. A former world M40 48 hour (track) record holder, Kevin must be highly considered to take out this race.
Coming from a background of running road fun runs Paul (Ipswich) joined Qld Masters Athletics in October 2012 at the age of 40. He continued to improve his track running taking several age group titles until in early 2014 he suffered a debilitating back injury caused from a bulging disc pushing on the nerve. After a successful back operation he slowly began running again but had lost his old speed. For a different challenge, he entered the inaugural Nerang 100km event in 2016 and won in a time of 13:06:7.34. This was his 1st ever ultra marathon & his 3rd ever trail race after twice doing Pinnacles in Brisbane Forest Park. His goal was just to finish but he was lucky enough to win. In early 2017 he completed in the Ipswich trail series and won his age group. He also recently did the Kokoda challenge on the Gold Coast in a team winning the category & finishing 10th overall. Paul has entered the Nerang 100 mile, it being his first ever 100 mile race. You could say that he now likes trail running.
Lee is from Rockhampton but was previously from Bundaberg where he started ultra running with his mates Matt and Stewie Grills. This is Lee’s second 100 miler, after completing the Glasshouse 100 miler in 2013 in 27 hours 18 minutes. This year Lee has just completed the Glasshouse 50 miler in 10 hours 35 minutes. Last December he ran the Gold Coast 50 km road race in 5 hours 3 minute. Lee feels at home on the trails were he spends most weekends.
Stephen has run 100 kms on road, track and trail and is now trying his hand at the big one…. the “miler”. Stephen is a 53 YO grandfather who gave up smoking 28 years ago and now tries to run every single day. Stephen was the first to complete Run Down Under, the 14,080 kms virtual run around Australia in 668 days averaging 21 kms/day, and is now 3,000km off finishing his 2nd lap. Stephen says “I am looking forward to a big weekend in the forest, run, walk, eat ..repeat…. just keep moving forward. I am looking forward to the event testing my character”.
Paul hails from Sydney “I’m pretty sure I don’t warrant a runners bio as I’m on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from the elite runners. I had planned doing the 100k with my brother but after he needed to pull out recently, I figured I’d give the 100 miles a go for the first time. Right about now I’m wishing I had done some more training. I’m anticipating a whole lot of hurt and would be really happy to finish under 30 hours.” Paul…. we applaud you for having a go.
Craig says “After acknowledging that my marathon times were never going to satisfy me (I think it is an age thing) I turned to the other challenge being trail running and have thoroughly enjoyed the change. Typically I train alone, however I am quite proficient in stalking a couple of the trail running groups on facebook, and have participated in a few of their group runs. I started with the Glasshouse series some years ago and gradually went further afield having completed UTA in 2016 and 2017. I have recognised that you always have to go back and do an event at least a second time, to put into practice the 1st time learnings!!! I completed the Glasshouse 100 miles a few years back (didn’t go back for the 2nd go at this one??!). The Nerang 100 will be my 2nd 100 mile run. As with any event, I am always nervous about the preparation and whether I have put in enough hard work. I am looking forward to the challenge at Nerang.”
Originally from Ireland, but now living in Brisbane. ” I only got into running as a way of keeping fit after a bad mountain biking accident kept me off the bike for several months. After running the Gold Coast marathon at 41, I thought that was going to be the sum of my running exploits, but the ultra trail scene caught my imagination a couple of years ago. One of the first trail ultras I ran was the Nerang State Forest 50 kms in 2015, in which I came third. I followed that up with a second place in the Kuranda to Port Douglas 64 km race, and finished with the year off with the Blackall 100 kms This year I’ve run a number of races between 30 and 50 kms, but this will be by far my biggest challenge. Like others, my biggest concern is whether I’ve put in enough training, but I love challenging myself.”
SEIVLAND POH (F,45) awaiting bio
George Mihalakellis (40) awaiting bio
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Lucas Sarra (35) awaiting bio
Total 12 starters, 11 males, 1 female

100 kms

Emerson, who lives in Brisbane, started on ultra endurance sports in 2004, completing the Ironman Brazil and since then, has completed more than ten Ironman distance races. In 2014, he has changed his focus from triathlon races to ultrarunning, and completed his first ultra marathon at Nerang 50 kms. In the same year he also completed his first 100kms race in the Blue Mountains (17:37). He loves the Nerang trail tracks and under his coach Jodie Oborne’s guidance hopes to improve his time over the 100 kms distance at the end of this month.
Robbie is from Yeppoon on the coast of Central Queensland and I ran his first ultra back in 2012 – The Cook’s Tour at the Glasshouse Mountains. Since then, he has run 5 more, the longest being the Anzac Ultra which spanned the city and rural outskirts of Canberra for 150 kms. “My uncle passed away earlier this year and before we said goodbye, we talked about my next ultra being to raise awareness for pancreatic cancer. So here we are – I’m looking forward to Nerang to raise funds and awareness for Pancare, alongside my wife Trish as pacer.”
Nic is from Springfield Lakes Qld and is running the 100k at Nerang as part of the Run Goat Run team. His running journey started in 2012 when he entered an obstacle race. From here the bug bit and it wasn’t long before he realized he enjoyed the running aspect more than the obstacles and went head first into trail running and running long. Spurred on by podcasts he just had to do an ultra. This was the 50k Beerwah at Night in 2015. Also in 2015 he completed his first 100k distance at River Run 100 in 12hrs and some change as a lead up to the pinnacle of that year, Blackall 100. Unfortunately removed himself at 65k “not feeling it” on the day. A change in tack saw 2016 focused on the SEQ Trail running short course series (2nd overall), a sub 3hr GCAM followed by Glasshouse 100 miler. After a solid 8 months of training it all came to halt 2 weeks prior to GCAM with a stress fracture in the tibia. This also saw the miler go out the window. A structured recovery and rehabilitation period has seen him come back as determined as ever to avenge the DNF at his last trail 100k. He was considering pacing at Nerang 100k but spurred on by his supportive wife has decided to take it on for himself. This will be his first official run back from injury and with knowing exactly how a DNF impacts much longer than the race itself has promised barring physical injury he will be wearing that buckle. Having completed a sighting lap 2 weeks ago knows this is will not come easy….
Although relatively new to running ultra distance trail races, Jason has completed several 100k and 50k distance events (his best time of just over 12.5hrs was in the 2016 Blackall 100k event). Preferring to enter selected events, this reflects his philosophy of running for adventure rather than strictly racing. He shares his trail running adventures mostly with his wife (who has also completed both 50 and 100k events) and extended trail family, that usually involve long distances and solid vert, both in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Jason is hoping the Nerang 100k will be the perfect springboard into a long summer of running and climbing for his next adventure – the DU135 in April 2018.
Jason has run ultras for some time. In recent years he has finished Western States 100 mile, Leadville 100 mile, Bryce 100 mile, Zion 100 mile (both in Utah) and the 240km Coast to Kosci ultra. He has also completed the North Face 100 kms twice, Hume & Hovell 100 kms, Canberra 100 and the Great Alpine Challenge. Jason is sure to go well here.
Amy who hails from Brisbane says “I don’t think I’m really news worthy. It will be my first and possibly only 100km event, a bucket list item. I’ve never run an official trail run event before, but have been doing plenty of non-official trail run training, my longest being 50 kms last Sunday. I did the Sunshine Coast Marathon last year in 4:02 and have done many other shorter runs and obstacle courses of varying distances. I have no expectations regarding time for the 100 kms, my aim is to finish and hopefully enjoy the experience while I’m at it. Oh and if I can make it through without falling over, that would be awesome.” Amy is the only female starter so is bound to be a winner 🙂
“My first ultra (and my first trail race!) was the 55 kms Wild Horse Criterium in 2013, and I realized how much I love running long and running off-road. Since then I have done quite a few trail and road races of different distances, but due to getting a femoral shaft stress fracture in mid-2013, followed by the birth of my little girl in late 2014 it was a few years of rehab and recovery running before finally getting to challenge myself fully again at last year’s Run Larapinta Stage Race. Some of the best (and most extreme) trails I’ve ever experienced; however a nasty fall 6 kms in on day 2 meant that I spent the next 80 kms running on a broken fifth metatarsal. After an agonizing run up and down Mt Sonder on day 4, I was not able to complete the final 30 kms of the race so after all that pushing it ended in a heartbreaking DNF. What I did learn though is that I may not be the fastest runner on the course, but I will never give up. So really for me, my only goal at Nerang is to finish and not break anything!”
“I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I’m staying in Brisbane since February, 2017. I do triathlon since 2013 and always enjoyed trail runs, 10-42km. My coach, Rodrigo Ferreira, from RF Sports and his team have been doing a great job with me, and they provides all the support I need since then. I did three 70.3 Ironmans at Brazil and Chile in 2014-15, and some 10-21km runs and trail runs between 2013 and last year. In 2016 I did the 42 kms trail run at Buzios, and 25 kms trail run at Itaipava, Rio de Janeiro Recently in Australia I did the one day 152 kms cycling at the Velothon Sunshine Coast. About my ultra trail running experience, I only did one running in 2015, It was a 50 kms ultra trail run at Itaipava, Rio de Janeiro I decided to do this challenge 2 months ago, and I am training since then to try to complete this 100 kms on next week. I did a few 40-50 kms runs during this time, and I can tell you that spending the whole day running at the Nerang event will be an astronomic psychological and physical effort for me. Following the event I will focus again at my Olympic/70.3 tri distances. I’ll do my “short” runnings below 42 kms and occasionally a 50 kms as well. I think it’s going to be an experience without parallel and probably will be the first and last 100 kms for me.
Brett contested this event last year and was a DNF. Obviously he is determined to complete some unfinished business.
Like Brett, Bede also entered this event last year and failed to finish. It’s great to see them both making a second attempt.
Total 10 starters, 8 male, 2 female

50 mile

Lachlan, who is from Brisbane, is very new into the running scene. After doing his first running event at the Wynnum Twilight Half Marathon last year, Lachlan jumped in the deep end to complete the Big Red Run of 250 kms at Birdsville in June 2017. Along with 44 others, he managed to raise $168,000 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. After an interrupted training program, Lachlan is looking forward to giving the Nerang 50 Miler a red hot crack after a solid couple of months training and the experience of the Big Red Run under his belt.
Rob, from the Gold Coast aka “The Trail Pirate” is a winner of the 50 kms Numinbah to Pollys, 50 kms at River Run, Brisbane and the Great Barrier Reef 74 kms (2015) as well as many other races. Rob is a very accomplished athlete, so is bound to be competitive over this distance.
Originally from Nowra NSW, Justin was a Cross country age champion in high School and successful Junior National Mountain biker. He continued to run and ride social events during his early twenties and thirties but limited it to shorter distances. The Mountain bike soon gave way to running Trail Marathons and 50km races after being given a free entry to The NSW Coastal Classic in 2011. This was the start to serious long distance running events! Balancing family life and work Commitments gives little time for serious mainstream training programs but still manages to run respectable marathon (2:48) and 50 kms (3:32)times. This will be his first attempt at the 50 mile distance with no expectation set but to finish!
Andy claims is fairly new (and a late comer) to Ultra running having competed in the UTA100 in the last 2 years (Silver buckle) and run a few shorter trail distances of 25km (Up the Buff, placed 10th overall) and 50km (Blackall 50) in the last 12 months. “Ultra running and trails is the best and the camaraderie is second to none!” Andy is a regular parkrunner having clocked up nearly 150 parkruns. Andy says ” that is always a good base for speed and then to drag it out as far as possible up to the Ultra distances (Obviously much much slower).” “This is my first attempt at the 100 miles, so I’m a bit nervous and my training has been non-existent as far as Ultra training is concerned.” “I’ve got a plan of action and if I stick to it, I’m hoping to keep a constant pace throughout and drag myself round the last 25k loop with sheer will-power! God help me!” “If I complete the Nerang 50 miler, I’ll have enough points to enter the UTMB in Chamonix next year and go into the lottery – that’s the goal.”
LISA HB (39)
Lisa says “I live on the Gold Coast. I like a Challenge!! Simply put–I KNOW i can do 50km…but 80km is stretch distance for me!.
I’ve done marathons and I did 50km on the road (K2D) last year…and I’ve done 50km practice runs in prep for this… but I’ve never covered 80km before. So I’m in it for finish line, not finish time.
“I took up running after a career change in mid 30’s. As a primary school teacher, being active via running and sharing a huge passion for footy helps me connect with many kids. I enter events to show my own son and the kids I work with every day, that anything is possible if you persist. Very much looking forward to the huge mental challenge this weekend.”
Chris Stone (42) awaiting bio
Clayton Bootle (42) awaiting bio
Total 8 starters, 6 male, 2 female